The Beginning…

It may be a mid-life crisis….

I have always said I could have been a Florist , but my life took a very different path . Years later I have trained at the Academy of Floral Art. There was something pulling me to the earth and to creativity -I could no longer ignore it. I see floristry as a way of making art : textural, expressive and colourful. Weddings are a time to express your personality through magnificent bouquets ,decorated tables and magic installations . I love the possibilities of funeral flowers adorning a coffin in a stunning ,regal and comforting way . Alternative funeral designs can be made completely biodegradable for woodland burial sites.

Enjoy flowers, decorate your home with them . Let them bring joy!

I plan to offer exquisite wedding flowers, consoling funeral tributes ,fantastical event decor, workshops, hen parties ,pop up shops and more….

Ethics is very important to me, as with my food : local, organic and free range . I will grow my flowers and buy from local flower farmers. If I need to import , it will not be from unethical flower farms in the developing world.

My designs are bold, creative and explore the boundaries of floral design. Based in Plymouth I will travel within the South West.

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