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flower installation
Flower installation by Rebecca Louise Law


I have been following this Flower Artist for a while , so you can imagine my excitement at finding Rebecca Louise Law was featured this week on the blog and pod-cast of The Jealous Curator.

Rebecca trained in fine art and, after a childhood spent around nature and plants, she found her natural artistic medium to be flowers. She honed her art by also training as a florist and using any flowers she could come by in order to practice ( an expensive material for an art student ). She went on to work for McQueen’s Flowers where she had the opportunity to create works of art for their high end clients . She now has her own business and a team to help with these works of art which can take days to create . They travel the world making magic wherever they go…..

I love the way nature is brought inside and juxtaposes against modern angular buildings and soaring cathedrals. The flowers are allowed to dry naturally over time and create a floral wonderland inspiring awe and joy . One day I will get to walk amongst her hanging flowers, but until then I must be content with her Instagram account @rebeccalouiselaw.





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